Baltix Green Table Collections

Baltix Green Table Collections

Baltix Abnormally Green Tables...

What is Baltix

In the past, we have used the term “authentically green” to describe ourselves, as we have been a leader in providing the greenest commercial furniture available since day one, back in 2002. “Authentically green” is great, but we aren’t sure it really conveys the uniqueness of our position in the furniture industry. We did not just jump on the green band wagon as a clever marketing ploy or to profit from a fad; we dedicated the resources of our company to provide truly sustainable furniture as our only offering. Our company has been trained in the principles of The Natural Step and strives to balance people, planet & profit. We have understood and supported LEED from its earliest days. Constantly looking at new materials and educating ourselves on best green practices is how we stay on the cutting edge of green in the industry. The core value of our business is sustainability, which is why we see ourselves as different from the rest... as “abnormally green.”

We Believe...

  • Style and value must be incorporated into every product
  • Product design starts with raw material extraction and ends with disposal
  • In eliminating the use of formaldehyde and petroleum-based materials
  • Durability and long useful life is a critical path to a sustainable product
  • Measuring one facet of sustainability while ignoring others is short-sighted
  • In complete transparency and open discussion of how our products are made and what they are made from
  • Exceptional customer service is part of a sustainable customer experience
  • Using local supply partners is good for the environment and good for the economy
  • It is better to use old than to buy new

If you are looking for a truly sustainable product that doesn’t ignore style, durability, or functionality... we believe our furniture is right for you.

Manufacturing Process

All Baltix products are carefully manufactured utilizing computer driven technology for precision, combined with a touch of human hand for fit and finish. This approach assures the products are of high quality whether it’s one item or one hundred. Our manufacturers are also highly efficient and use minimal waste practices. Backed by a 15 year warranty, on time performance & a high level of customer service!

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