Kimball Nash™

Kimball Nash™

With an endearing form, Nash adds flare and function to an array of interior settings. Choose a range of colors—from vibrant to neutral. All of them pair well with its curved back and combination of contoured and straight legs.


With its rounded back and generous sitting area, Nash is the ideal chair for a variety of environments—living, working, and lounging included. Nestle them up to a conference table, situate a few near a coffee table, or let one stand on its own. Whatever the case, Nash is bound to make a great impression.

List of Feature

∙ Frame is constructed of kiln-dried European beech

∙ Back legs flare slightly with a wall-saver design allowing them to contact the baseboard first, saving the wall's finish

∙ Accessible cleanout cushion provides easy care and maintenance

∙ Contrasting upholstery option on backs and seats

∙ Wide selection of wood finishes, fabrics and leather options

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