Muzo Wowpod

Muzo Wowpod

A Mobile Space

A mobile pod for up to four people. Unique design for unique environments. Wow Pod opens up the opportunity to meet and work in harmonic surroundings.


All units have locking wheels fitted for relocation and easy movement.

Sound Insulation

Wow Pod has excellent sound insulation.

QP walls: Rw dB 40

QP roof: Rw dB 40

QP window/door : Rw dB 38


The roof has a built in fan that draws the air through canals in the door and out through an advanced sound trap system in the ceiling. Dimmers regulate the fan.


Downlights with LED lights and dimmers are installed in the ceiling which gives 500 LUX on the working surface.


Lights and fan are activated by a detector when users enter the pod.

Create Your Own

As architect and customer you may put together your own designed Wow Pod. Choose between different materials and modules of glass, walls and doors together with your choice of furniture for your purpose.

Used Furniture: 
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