Nevins Climb Seating

Nevins Climb Seating

talk, listen, share, or brainstorm.

Climb seating is a surprisingly natural and comfortable way to assemble a small or large group without taking over an entire room.


Climb multi-level seating breaks the mold of traditional modular lounge seating.

Composed of six inspiring simple form units, Climb transitions with the needs of the space and evolves with the changing elements and desires of the environment. Configure it individually for solitary study, or group pieces together for an informal meeting. With Climb, designers tailor each piece to compliment the environment with bespoke textiles, and stylish saddle stitching. Break the mold of traditional work styles with the versatile components of Climb, which foster creativity to flourish in different work postures. The inspired aesthetics of Climb nourish workplace diversity, natural interaction and scenic landscapes within all collaborative environments.

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