Design Flexibility With EverySpace

EverySpace™ — A cohesive, flexible workplace solution that adapts to a range of workstyles.

 As the modern workplace changes, EverySpace offers adaptable architecture that supports users throughout their day. This modular platform combines personal elements with functional solutions to compose workstations for any situation. Create multi-height worksurfaces and large open plan configurations or single-user spaces in tight footprints. Build storage vertically or add screens for space division and to buffer acoustics. Incorporate height-adjustable worksurfaces for ergo support and utilize integrated wire management capabilities to maintain a clean aesthetic.

EverySpace is a comprehensive solution that puts the user at the center of its design. It can flex and flow as needs change and work styles evolve. Scalable by nature, its customizable platform is only limited by your imagination.

Modular, customizable platform that offers abundant storage and shelving configurations and sizes as well as desks and tables.

Height-adjustable worksurfaces are Bluetooth® enabled, allowing stations to quickly and easily accommodate a shift between posture or users.

Storage components, screens, and legs feature an integrated wire management channel and electrical power distribution so that spaces can maintain a clean aesthetic.

Simple specification and easy to understand modules can be mixed to create just the right vignette for any space, any size, anywhere.

Components are already built up and alignment guides are pre-drilled so that installation time and effort can be at a maximum return.


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