Altitude by Allsteel

Altitude by Allsteel


Private yet Agile Workstations

Companies are shifting away from more traditional panel walls in search of options lighter in scale that don’t sacrifice the benefits of private workstations. The result is a more collaborative and agile work environment that responds to the changing needs of business.

Elements That Move With the User

Altitude offers the ability for privacy screens and power access to move as the height-adjustable table moves. Three different screens support various levels of privacy:

  • L-shape blocks users from aisles
  • U-shape provides full enclosure
  • Straight allows for side-to-side collaboration

Optimization of Space

With the agility and scale of collaborative work tables combines with the amenities offered in traditional workstations – privacy, power access, and cable management – Altitude is a transformative solution for the challenge of open-space planning; privacy to focus with mobility to adapt.

Powerful Delivery

Altitude is a height-adjustable workstation that combines the agility of collaborative tables with the privacy and power access of traditional panel systems.


Powerful Delivery

Users can create flexible, movable, work arrangements with convenient access to power at their fingertips.