Credentials by Gunlocke

Credentials by Gunlocke


A symbol of leadership

by IDA Design, Principal Mitch Bakker

Finely tailored architecture. Meticulously engineered hardware. Height-adjustable design. Credentials makes a distinctive statement. An embodiment of status, confidence, and luxury—never trendy or pretentious. It’s furniture refined. Ready for everything you plan to achieve.


Often, The Highest Quality has the Most Understated Expression

It shows itself in carefully selected materials, unobstructed lines, and elegant tailoring. Both in everything you see and all that’s behind closed doors and drawers.

Ergonomic Made Elegant

Heads down or stand up, focused work or practicing a presentation, laptop on the go or pencil and pad of paper… today’s work requires quick movement between many different tasks and talents. This is an office that keeps up, effortlessly.



  • Hand selected veneer
  • Refined aesthetic
  • High end material selection

Planning Flexibility

  • Large breadth of line


  • Accessory track/trough system
  • Soft close hardware
  • Cantilevered worksurfaces
  • Magnetic tackzone


  • Hidden box drawers
  • Overhead door options
  • Various pedestal options

Technology Integration

  • Wire management
  • Wall access
  • Lighting
  • Worksurface power


  • Design for environment


  • Drawer system
  • Optional full fill or open pore finish