Radii – A New Generation of Storage

Allsteel Radii Storage


The shift toward paper-less environments along with the need for flexibility and mobility in the workplace is spawning new storage options. These caddies feel like lockers and are compact, colorful, and lockable. Allsteel’s Radii collection works well for hoteling and touch-down areas for guests and staff stopping in for short periods of time. In addition to storing files, storage caddies come with options for open bins and trays, shelves, and magnetic accessories. And to help manage clutter, the slim profile means the cabinet can be tucked away or moved from one workstation to another with ease. Allsteel’s Radii storage solutions have a unique design. A single sheet of steel wraps the storage unit to provide a clean, soft 360-degree aesthetic that complements the modern work environment.


  • Choose from 24 paint colors
  • Single color or two-tone
  • Wrap-around steel construction
  • Casters or glides
  • Utility lip for tools (trays, hook, hot file)
  • Regular pedestal or alcove
  • Slim pedestal or alcove
Radii storage