Retreat Lounge by Allsteel

Retreat Lounge by Allsteel


New Meaning to Unexpected Spaces

Retreat is a space-defining lounge collection that supports real work in often underutilized spaces. It defines areas for small groups, provides privacy for individuals, and offers visual consistency in space planning.

Full Family

The lounge collection includes wing-back, high-back, and low-back chairs, and a matching ottoman.

Space Defining

Generous privacy wings and high-back design enable the Retreat collection to create space-within-space.

Work Geometry

Unlike other soft seating that positions the user in reclined position, Retreat is scaled to support active work postures.


Designed for Real Work and Relaxation

Step away from the desk and into the Retreat lounge collection. These pieces transform underutilized collaboration spaces into dynamic group or individual work environments.

Functional Yet Understated

Modern work is happening away from the traditional workstation. With Retreat, every detail has been designed to provide a relaxed but also productive experience.