Rise Lounge by Allsteel

Rise Lounge by Allsteel


The Next Level of Modular

Rise re-conceives modular seating with a collection of multi-level soft shapes and versatile worksurfaces that adapts as easily as the user. Because Rise movable pieces act like building blocks, there’s no right or wrong way to design and configure the perfect solution for solo or team work.

Where Work Takes Shape

Soft, architectural elements that puzzle-piece together to create an array of solo and collaborative spaces – from face to face, back to back, or angled apart.

Soak in Solo Time

Arrange Rise elements with power-adaptable choices to allow employees the freedom to work or rest away from the desk.


Team gatherings are facilitated by multiple sitting and standing heights for the most comfortable posture.
Triangle shape creates interesting organic layouts that serve as spontaneous touchdown areas.
Maximum user privacy is achieved in a compact and efficient footprint using only three different shapes.
Multiple interactions happen simultaneously when Rise creates micro-environments.
Designed as an island, Rise can be approached from all sides as an anchor within a larger space.
Linear layout along a corridor or in a nook provides a get-away area for individuals or small groups.
Integrated power keeps devices connected with two receptacles and two USB ports so when and where you work isn’t determined by a battery.
Slide glides make moving Rise units simple because reconfiguring collaborative furniture shouldn’t be harder than the work at-hand.
Rectangle tables span over, work in front of, or position behind seating modules to provide a convenient worksurface where needed.
Laptop table pulls into place with a base that slides below the seating, eliminating annoying just-out-of-reach situations.
Movable tray provides an accessible seat-side worksurface.
Lumbar pillow supports the back for a more ergonomic sit.
Dual-upholstery option allows different fabrics on the seat and sides for nearly unlimited aesthetic choice.