Rock by Allsteel

Rock by Allsteel


Designed With Motion in Mind

Increased individual and group activities carried out in modern, shared spaces require a certain degree of flexibility, privacy, and functionality. The Townhall™ Collection, with products like Rock, creates sought-after, active enclaves that support multiple work modes and the changing postures necessary for individual or team work.

Work First, Relax Second

Rock eliminates static postures, supporting wellbeing and allowing users to work first and relax second with its fun, rocking motion.

Fidget-Friendly Furniture

The angled seat combined with a playful fidgeting motion is a modern hybrid of the bean bag and rocking chair and creates an award-winning “work-rocker.”

On the Move

A durable shell and integrated pull handle allow user control in deciding where to work or relax.


Work Geometry™ designed for work and relaxed postures
Subtle rocking motion
Integrated handle for movability


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