Introducing NorvaNivel

Infinium Interiors is pleased to introduce its newest education furniture partner, NorvaNivel. Originally from Australia, NorvaNivel has expanded to the U.S. and is reshaping how schools around the world think about classroom and learning environment design.

As familiar as the typical classroom feels, with rows of forward-facing stationary desks and chairs, educators are finding that this configuration is not as effective at promote 21st century learning as shown in the illustrations here. Characteristics of high-performing learning environments today include mobile and flexible furniture and accessories that support individual and group learning, collaboration and hands-on activities.  We are also seeing furniture that is moved and reconfigured with ease to adapt to what is being taught on any given day.

To learn more about classroom design theory and best practices, visit the NorvaNivel blog. For more information or for a catalog, contact Liz Dalton at Infinium Interiors.