Post COVID Return to Work: Staff and Customer Concerns

Many of us are starting to think about and plan for returning to the office. When exactly this happens and what it looks like is not yet clear. Employees and customers will want assurance the business is taking steps to create a safe environment. Consider developing a communication strategy or set of messages to explain the company’s position and policies and to detail exactly what is being done, when, and by whom. Specific points to cover might include:

  • Changes to business operations, such as hours, access, and ways to conduct business. Policies around staff or customers who are ill or who have been around someone ill.
  • Office cleaning and sanitizing procedures and schedules.
  • Accommodations and supplies to aid in frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing.
  • Distancing guidelines.
  • Whether use of masks is permitted or required.
  • The point of contact for additional information and questions.

Share key messages with your different stakeholder groups — staff, customers, guests/visitors, and vendors. Remember, you have multiple communication tools at your disposal (website, social media, signage and posters, voice mail, text, memos, emails, and in-person conversations). And finally, plan to keep your constituents informed as things progress.

More information about this and related topics can be found at the CDC website.

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