Space Saving Ideas: Nesting Seating

Do you find yourself needing more space than you have room? One day you need seats for a training session and the next you need to clear the room for a different activity. Stacking chairs are a good solution, but can be cumbersome, requiring some sweat equity and sometimes a dedicated cart to move the stack. Stacking chairs also tend to look… well, like stacking chairs.

Nesting chairs will adapt to your changing office environments. They offer even more convenience than stacking chairs, require less physical strength, and are attractive. To move or store the chairs, your simply fold the seats up, tuck one into the other, and roll them away.

The Movi Nester by SitOnIt Seating seen here comes in 12 different color fabric and mesh options. You can also choose from three different color finishes for the chair frame, base, and casters.